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So. As of right now at 9:07pm 14th April 2014 GMT+1. I’ve finally rounded 300 followers (and almost 4k posts).

I wanna say thank you and in what way better than a giveaway?

I’m gonna giveaway a game(s) that has a MAX. value of 10€ on Steam.

The only thing you need to do is follow me and reblog this post. (winner will be chosen in a week. or so)


  • Must be a follower
  • New followers welcome
  • Reblog to enter
  • Multiple reblogs allowed but won’t help you get a bigger chance
  • Likes don’t count

A reblog for the evening people.

Another reblog.

Ending Friday. Be sure to check your inboxes. If you win and don’t answer your inbox in 24 hours I’ll find another winner.

I’ll only giveaway games upto 10€ and not over, if you end using less than 10€ and can’t find more to spend, then you got your price.

I don’t want to go out and buy a giftcard and having it end with someone in another region winning, and they’re not able to use it.

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